Ancient Mongolian Armor

   The Mongols created advanced armor that protected the user from enemy attacks. Most of the ides for Mongolian armor came from China and the Middle East. Mongolian armor was usually made of leather and iron and was extremely effective in battle for protecting the wearer.




   Mongolian helmets were made from iron for the top part and leather for the parts that covered the neck and ears. Since the climate in Mongolia was cold, a fur hat with ear flaps were worn. The inside of the helmet was also lined with fur. Most helmets had a pointed top that had a tail made of horse hair on the top. 



   A typical Mongolian breatplate consisted of leather that was covered by lacquer which made a protective coating on it. The Mongolian breatplates were lighter which allowed for easier movement and faster travel. Under the breatplate warriors wore silk as a protective garmet. The silk was light and tough and would stay intact even if it was pierced by an arrow.   




   The Mongols used a small and lightweight round shield made of wound wicker covered by leather. Even though it loooks weak, the shield can block arrows, swords, and knives. The shield was easy to use so that a warrior could use a shield while also weilding a sword.

Fur Coat



   At times when the weather got cold, the Mongol warriors would wear fur coats to keep warm. The coats were made from various animals that were hunted down. The fur coats went down to their legs and were put together by the warrior's wife.